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We have a passion for social media, including and especially for Twitter. Because Twitter matters. Twitter matters a lotWhether it's helping to notify people of natural disasters (earthquakes) or civil unrest (the recent terrorist tragedies in France or protests in Brazil); helping spread the word for powerful social good programs (; UN World Food Programme); helping empower entire revolutions (Egypt); or simply to propagate news faster than any other media platform in the world, Twitter is a thing that matters tremendously, arguably even more in 2016 than when it first hatched 10 years ago.

This is why we built Twibble. Born by accident from our previous startup for which we needed a fast and effective way to propagate job listing and job seekers through Twitter, Twibble was designed to do one thing very very well: to help better engage your audience on Twitter; to cut through the unfortunate reality of noise (and trolls) in this otherwise phenomenal medium of 140 character sound-bites; and to build and grow your following with organic, legitimate humans rather than the countless bots that have so polluted the space.

Interested to join our team? Keep reading below....

Twibble is currently run by three good friends: Marc, Veliko, and Ryan:


Marc Hoag, CEO & Co-Founder

Marc is a California-licensed attorney with an Economics degree from UCLA and a strong background in math and science, who nearly pursued a career in film. Most recently, Marc co-founded Venturocket and successfully raised $700K to rebuild the job market, before eventually pivoting into Twibble. He studied classical piano at the SF Conservatory of Music until he was 18, and took four years of Latin, six years of French, and also picked up some elementary Farsi growing up in his multicultural household. He quotes Jeremy Clarkson a little too frequently, has been a Quora Top Writer for two consecutive years, has been often called “The Human Kayak” for his weirdly inexplicable knowledge of aviation, and needs to be placed in direct sunlight. Marc and his wife live in beautiful Tiburon, California.


Veliko Minkov, Lead Engineer & Co-Founder

Prior to joining Twibble, Veliko co-founded Intuitics, a two year old data science platform for scientists to turn R predictive models into web apps with a custom drag-and-drop WYSIWYG web apps builder. They raised $100K in funding from the seed and acceleration investment fund Launchub. He is proficient in Java and has lots of experience with concurrency, REST APIs, RMI, Hibernate, web applications development, J2EE and more. He is moderately experienced in JavaScript, particularly ExtJS, JQuery and a few data visualization tools like D3.js, Highcharts and other. Although he is a novice at R, he has poured through its source code while integrating it's plotting and interprocess API with Intuitics.


Ryan Lum, SVP Design & Co-Founder

Ryan’s background is anything and everything in design, photography, and marketing. He created the largest creative guerrilla marketing blog in the world — Creative Guerilla Marketing — and was Venturocket’s first hire as Lead Designer, before spinning Twibble out with Marc in late 2014. Most recently, Ryan gained fame and praise for creating the first pop-up ball pits in San Francisco pubs. His skills with web design and photography are rivaled only by his stunningly gorgeous culinary masterpieces. As testament to Twibble’s close-knight camaraderie, Ryan performed the wedding ceremony for Marc and his wife last summer. Ryan is a multi-time Burning Man attendee, always trying to convince Marc to try it.



Ever dream about joining a company that actually believes in a real work-life balance? Where nobody cares when or from where you work, so that you can work on your own schedule?

Stop dreaming. Believe it: with a distributed team -- Marc is based north of San Francisco; Veliko is in Bulgaria; Ryan is in the East Bay -- you can work from the comfort of your own home, your neighborhood coffee shop, or from a beach on the Seychelles Islands for all we care.

Our corporate home is based in the beautiful, idyllic little town of Tiburon, California. A charming bedroom community of just 7,000 people nestled in the foothills of majestic Mount Tamalpais, Tiburon may well offer the greatest commute in the world: a relaxing 15 minute ferry ride to San Francisco that isn't just spectacularly beautiful, but indisputably beats the alternative option: a 1-hour bumper-to-bumper drive across the Golden Gate.

With unlimited paid vacation time and sick leave, you don't have to worry about being penalized for taking a holiday or, you know, catching the flu. Because that just sucks.

While we only have intern positions available for the time being, please know that these are positions with a very real opportunity to advance your career as you'll have the chance to become our first full-time paid employees.

So what are you waiting for: we need Employees #4, #5, and #6.

Join us. It is your destiny.


Intern: Backend Developer

Do you think in Java? Do you understand the magic that sends 50 million tweets per year? If so, then we've got an awesome position for you where you get to work directly with our Lead Engineer evolving Twibble into the NBT. That's Next Big Thing.

Remember, we're a distributed team, so you can work remotely: from home, your favorite beach, or even Mars (just remember the network latency).

Required skills:

  • Java / Spring
  • Angular JS
  • MySQL
  • Awesomeness
  • Funness

Intern: Social Media

Do you live, breath, and dream -- well, hopefully not actually dream -- about social media all day long? Do you think in #hashtags and agree that Instagram is the new Facebook? And most of all, would you actually be sad if Twitter disappeared? If so, we want you to take charge of Twibble's social media campaign across any and all channels you see fit. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: build our user base and get us more followers across all social media channels.

Remember, remote work is fine as we're a distributed team.

Required skills:

  • Mastery of social media in all its forms, flavors, shapes, and styles
  • Phenomenal writing and communication skills
  • Demonstrable proof of how you've built/grown a massive following on social media
  • Awesomeness
  • Funness

Intern: Growth & Marketing

Are you all about sales? Do you find yourself browsing YouTube for killer advertisement campaigns? Do you aimlessly craft brilliant marketing strategies, and dream of helping to grow a company to the next level? If so, then your mission, should you choose to accept it: help ramp up Twibble's B2B sales.

Remote work is fine by us.

Required Skills

  • Proven ability to grow and otherwise market your or others' products, brands, or services
  • Phenomenal writing and communication skills
  • Awesomeness
  • Funness

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