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Twibble isn't just the fastest, best, and easiest RSS-to-Twitter management platform. With prices starting at just $10/month, it's also the most affordable. And with our no-hassle, easy cancellation policy*, you don't need to worry about being locked into something that isn't right for you. Because we want you to be happy. And we're not happy if you aren't.

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Individuals and small businesses, this is for you.

30 Twitter accounts
50 RSS feeds / Custom tweets / Retweeted accounts

Embedded images & videos

Check every 10 mins
Send 3 tweets at a time

24 Retweets per feed per day

Tweet article headlines

Tweet article descriptions

Hashtag A/B testing
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3 Tweet Prefixes
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5 Queued Tweets
Send every 10 minutes
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Keyword Filters

Custom Posting Times
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Connect to Bitly

Email support < 12 hrs


Custom & unlimited plans for large companies.

Everything from

∞ Twitter accounts
∞ RSS feeds / Custom tweets / Retweeted accounts

Check every 1 minute
Send ∞ tweets at a time

∞ Retweets per feed per day

Allow Duplicate tweets

∞ Tweet Prefixes
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∞ Queued Tweets
Send every 1 min
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Twibble Analytics

Email support < 1 hr

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** $100/month or $1000/year is the starting price for Twibble Infinite. Excess Twitter accounts, RSS feeds, or more additional features may incur an additional cost. Please submit our questionnaire for a price quote.