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Twibble isn't just the fastest, best, and easiest RSS-to-Twitter management platform. With prices starting at just $2/month or $20/year, it's also the most affordable. And with our no-hassle, easy cancellation policy*, you don't need to worry about being locked into something that isn't right for you. Because we want you to be happy. And we're not happy if you aren't.


Perfect for your personal Twitter account.


1 Twitter account
3 RSS feeds

Check every 6 hours
Send 1 tweet at a time

Twibble attribution
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Tweet article headlines

Email support < 36 hrs


The standard for growing your brands.

Everything from
Basic PLUS:

10 Twitter accounts
20 RSS feeds

Check every 1 hour
Send 3 tweets at a time

No attribution
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Embedded images & videos

Keyword filters

Email support < 24 hrs


Businesses & professionals, this is for you.

Everything from
Standard PLUS:

50 Twitter accounts
100 RSS feeds

Check every 5 mins
Send 5 tweets at a time

Tweet article descriptions

Hashtag A/B testing
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1 Tweet Prefix
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10 Queued Tweets
Send every 5 minutes
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Custom Posting Times
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Twibble Analytics

Connect to Bitly

Email support < 12 hrs


Custom plans, unlimited accounts, and more.

Everything from

∞ Twitter accounts
∞ RSS feeds

Check every 1 minute
Send ∞ tweets at a time

Allow Duplicate tweets

∞ Tweet Prefixes
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∞ Queued Tweets
Send every 1 min
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Email support < 1 hr

Phone support

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