1-click, 0-setup RSS scheduling to Twitter and Facebook.
With Audience Targeting and Analytics for hyper-targeted marketing.

No credit card or email required. Just awesome stuff to share.




Twibble at a glance.

Discover, target, and engage your customers on Twitter and Facebook like never before.



Hyper-target the competition by auto mentioning your competitors' top followers.

Write about travel? Automatically mention the top #travel influencers lie @LonelyPlanet.

 Learn more.



Never tweet with the wrong hashtags again (learn more). Know which feeds are performing well and which need to be optimized; discover where in the world your audience is based and the optimal times to post; and more (learn more).


Feed content from any RSS source to Twitter and facebook.

If you can find an RSS feed, we can feed it to your Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.
With embedded images and video, too.


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Images & Videos
Automatically embed images and videos in every tweet.

Make informed decisions and optimize your feeds. Learn more.

Audience Targeting
Auto mention top influencers of any #hashtag or another Twitter account. Learn more.

Hashtag A/B Testing
Discover which hashtags result in the most clicks. Learn more.

RT your favorite Twitter accounts up to 288 times per day.

Rotating prefixes make your tweets look organic! Learn more.

Tweet Scheduling & Queuing
Easily schedule both RSS and custom-written content. Learn more.

Tweet Duplicates
Great for sharing your evergreen content!

Find new content to share based on your favorite topics!

Keyword Filters
Filter content based on URL and title keyword filtering.

Blog Widget
Enable visitors to auto share your content with a single click.

Connect to Bit.ly
Easily connect to your existing Bit.ly account.

Get your followers to subscribe and tweet your content with you. Learn more.

1 Hour Email Support
Get fast email support, often in less than an hour!

Chrome Extension
Our hashtag A/B testing tool is now a Chrome Extension!

Phone Support
Need help? Give us a call!


How does Twibble work?

Using Twibble is simple.

Add an RSS feed

Add a website or keywords; we'll auto-detect the RSS for you.

Schedule & edit

Easily schedule and edit your content to your preferences.

Analyze & optimize

Monitor your performance and optimize with our analytics.


FEED any RSS feed to Twitter OR FACEBOOK.
With images and videos, too.

Quickly and easily add an RSS feed from virtually any source: just copy a website's URL, and we'll auto-detect the correct RSS feed for you!

Easily embed images and videos in all your tweets and posts -- as easy as flipping a switch!

Looking for content? Just type in some keywords, and we'll suggest great RSS feeds for you!

Show some love.

Easily auto-retweet up your favorite Twitter accounts up to 288 times per day.

Choose to RT the most popular, or most recent tweets.

Use the same powerful keyword filtering for RTs as you do for RSS feeds.


Target your market.

Audience Targeting allows hyper-targeted marketing like never before.

Easily attract the top influencers of any #hashtag or the top followers of any Twitter account by auto mentioning them in your tweets.

Blog about yoga? Auto mention @LuluLemon's top followers to attract new readers already interested in yoga! It's that simple. Write about travel? Auto mention the top influencers of #travel!

Queued Tweets.
Plan ahead.

Auto-tweeting from RSS feeds is great, but to really engage your audience, you need organically-written tweets too.

With Queued Tweets, you can easily schedule pre-written content to send when you want. And, just like RSS feeds, you can still use Hashtag A/B testing and Auto Mention top followers!


Edit & Approve
all RSS content.
With Twibble, you're always in control.

Flying on autopilot is great, but sometimes you need to take control. With Twibble's unique RSS Edit & Approve, you'll never tweet something by mistake again.

Just add your feed like always and we'll pre-populate a queue of all content found in the feed. Then, just edit to your heart's content, approve when ready, schedule like always, rinse, repeat.

It's that simple.



Understand your customers with powerful analytics.

With our robust analytics, you'll be able to better understand what kinds of content your audience enjoys and determine the best times to post.

Use our unique #hashtag A/B testing helps you optimize your tweets' and posts' visibility.

Prefer to use Bit.ly? No problem! You can easily connect Twibble to your existing Bit.ly account.


Our 600+ business clients...

...get 1.5 million tweet clicks per day...

...from 55,000+ feeds.


Happy customers and mentions

Join over 37,000 individuals and over 500 businesses using Twibble to help broadcast their messages and spark conversations.


"Twibble allows me to regularly share the best from content creators I love, as well as highlighting my clients work, and spend the rest of my time connecting, responding in real human and one-on-one conversations."


To put it bluntly, your platform is so valuable you could have said you are raising the price to $99/mo. and I wouldn’t have flinched. Your solution does the work of two full time employees for our company and is invaluable.

- Adam J.

 I [found Twibble by Googling] something like 'alternatives to Twitterfeed'

-Graham H.

It took me 4 years to go from 0 to 15,000 followers. In the last 12 months I have gone from 15,000 followers to today's total of 39,037! That's a 160% increase in followers in 12 months!

-Mike Glover, @Inbound_Mike


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