How does Twibble work?

Simply. Quickly. Perfectly.

Add an RSS feed

Add a website or keywords; we'll auto-detect the RSS for you.

Schedule & edit

Easily schedule and edit your content to your preferences.

Analyze & optimize

Monitor your performance and optimize with our analytics.


EasY AUTO TWEET and facebook post scheduling from any rss feed.

Our Facebook and Twitter manager makes it easy to add an RSS feed from virtually any source: just copy a website's URL, and we'll auto-detect the correct RSS feed for you! We'll even suggest some great feeds for you!



Audience Targeting allows hyper-targeted marketing like never before. Easily attract the top influencers of any #hashtag or the top followers of any Twitter account by auto mentioning them in your tweets.

Auto Retweet.

Automatic tweets are great. But auto retweets are even better. Use our powerful twitter scheduler to easily auto retweet your favorite Twitter accounts up to 288 times per day.


Our Twitter scheduler makes it easy to schedule automatic tweets to send when you want. And using our auto tweet function to schedule tweets with organic queued tweets is a great way to keep your audience engaged.


Edit & Approve. you're always in control.

With Twibble's unique RSS Edit & Approve, you'll never auto tweet or share something to Facebook by mistake again. We'll pre-populate a queue of all content found in the feed. Then, just edit to your heart's content, approve when ready, schedule like always, rinse, repeat.



Understand your customers.

With our robust analytics, you'll be able to better understand what kinds of content your audience enjoys and determine the best times to auto tweet or post to Facebook.

Use our unique #hashtag A/B testing helps you optimize your tweets' and posts' visibility.

Prefer to use No problem! You can easily connect Twibble to your existing account.